When we came to Denmark we didn't know how much a danish krone was and when we wanted to grab some food in any place we were kind of lost. That's why we thought about doing an app which made it easier to understand the prices of the things on a country abroad.

What it does

Our app gives you the opportunity to see the general price of something you want to buy in the city you currently are. Thus you can see if the places where you are going to buy are expensive places or cheaper ones. Also it tells you the prices on your preference currency, in order to understand how much are you paying for something. That's why it is called DidIGetScammed, because the main purpose of the app is not getting scammed when buying abroad.

How I built it

We used android-studio to build the main app and a node.js with express API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We accomplish to do a functional app with user interaction. Also we have found a solution to a real life problem.

What I learned

How is an Android app built with android-studio and how it is connected to a database.

What is next for DidIGetScammed

We would like to collect better data to make the app more extensive and friendly.

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