Have you ever heard of Open Badges? It is the de facto standard for certification, which is widely used around the world to certify the completion of certification exams such as Microsoft Certified Professional and to certify the achievements at educational institutions? Currently, Open Badges can be easily shared with others by embedding the proof data in an image such as PNG, but it cannot be stored in a wallet on a smartphone like Verifiable Credentials and presented in the same way as other credentials. We thought that Open Badges needed to be stored in a wallet, like Verifiable Credentials, so that it could be easily presented.

What it does

The solution we have created converts and embeds verified Open Badges into Verifiable Credentials, which can be stored in the Wallet. In this way, Open Badges can be presented to Verifiers in a standardized way, just like other Verifiable Credentials, and Verifiers can verify the authenticity of the Verifiable Credentials themselves. In addition, Verifiers will be able to extract the embedded Open Badges and verify them with the Open Badges verification systems.

How we built it

From the Gateway service built with the Next.js, we use the Azure AD Verifiable Credentials Client API to issue Verifiable Credentials using the Open Badges information.

Challenges we ran into

It was necessary to generate Verifiable Credentials dynamically to support different types of Open Badges. Currently, Microsoft does not provide the ability to generate Verifiable Credentials definitions using their API, but we are able to do so by analyzing the communication to Microsoft endpoints. (Currently limitedly implemented)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementation of Verifiable Credentials at Keio University and business experience with credentialing systems in educational institutions. This gateway service would be helpful for entities in education sector.

What we learned

By using the Client API of Azure AD Verifiable Credentials, it is possible to implement Issuer/Verifier easily with general-purpose languages and frameworks. In addition, an API to dynamically generate the definition of Verifiable Credentials is required.

What's next for DID Maniax Japan

By conducting PoC with many organizations that are currently issuing Open Badges, we aim to connect the current Open Badges ecosystem with the Verifiable Credentials ecosystem to promote the use of distributed ID and expand business.

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