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We were inspired to design this app out of basic student necessity; when writing an essay or doing a class reading, it is inevitable that you will have to look up a definition or some synonyms for a word. It becomes quite tedious to be re-entering all this information into Google every single time, and then have to sort through a few websites just to find one measly definition. The goal of our app is to simplify that process. With one click, you can find a word's definition, or its synonyms, or its antonyms.

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Build Process

Our app was built using JavaFX. The .fxml file holds the formatting of the ui, and the .java Controller class contains all the methods for accessing the API on button press. The app is initialized in another .java class (DictionaryApp), and the .css file contains style choices for the ui.


We are both new to using JavaFX, so that presented some issues when understanding how the different files interact with each other, and also how to write the .fxml file. Another challenge was figuring out how to get the API to work, and how to access it properly, since this is our first time using an API.

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