We had a large discord, as a part of our community on campus, and we wanted a way to bring their interactions in the chat, to the real world.

What it does

It takes commands on the discord, and them talks over UART to an Arduino, who decode the messages prints it to a LCD. It also takes a command to turn on a buzzer at different, user dependent frequencies, and shuts it off at the users discretion.

How we built it

Eric programmed the bot and bot server hosting on the Pi. Christopher built the system, and decoding code on the Arduino.

We brought the Pi and Arduino from home, and borrowed the Buzzer, LCD and Potentiometer from Phase.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up the discord server on the Raspberry Pi, it was significantly harder than we imagined. Additionally getting the LCD to interface properly was a challenge for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Writing the code for the bot, and getting it interfaced with the Arduino Wiring the circuit with the LCD

What we learned

A lot about how things talk to one another. the Discord > Pi > Arduino > LCD was quite a learning experience in time, and goalpost management.

What's next for DICSORD IOT

Adding more device that it can control, and adding more commands for the users.

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