This project was inspired by our will and want to build a game that could be used by billions of users on facebook. It was also a learning opportunity for me and my team as we were learning and building it.

What it does

This is a dice game, where there are two dice, there is a human player and a computer player(Mark's Bot) Rules are: -There are two dice. -You can either Roll Dice or Hold. -You get other chance if you Roll Dice. -If you get 1 in any of the dice, the turn passes to your opponent. -Your score is added only when you Hold. -The first one to score 100 is the winner. -You can also set the winning score yourself

How I built it

I and my team divided the tasks and coded it in HTML5, CSS, and JS.

Challenges I ran into

Not being able to write the automation code at first. Since we are kinda noob so even html5 and css3 was also difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to complete the project and writing the automation code & Teamwork that our team has shown.

What I learned

JS, teamwork, game development basics and so on.

What's next for Dice-pig-Game

Next will be taking the game from human vs computer to multiplayer.

Built With

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