Application allows user to play and roll a 3D Dice (D6) on Gear devices. Result is used in gambling games, such as board games, craps and others. App consists the list of games connected with Dice, and ready to play on Samsung devices! Feel free to download them and enjoy the game experience with your family and friends. Now, you can also add a Dice to 3rd party games! Read more about Dice API on


  • Gear 2 and Gear S devices support
  • new game for mobile devices, connected with Gear Dice: Yatzy!
  • multiplayer mode for Chineese game (Galaxy Tab devices)
  • API to connect 3rd party games with Gear Dice (
  • improved dice throwing experience (dice rotation replaced by real throwing)
  • custom number of dices used in throwing (1 to 5)
  • dice's selection to repeat the throwing (i.e. in Yatzy game)
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