Background We've always been big fans of graphic tees, especially as the industry has undergone large shifts in efficiency and content sourcing. As such, we're especially big fans of sites like shirts.woot, teespring, and teepublic.

Recently, there have been a handful of new services (notably, Teespring, Threadless Funding, Cotton Bureau) that allow reservations/preordering of designs, effectively letting customers vote with their wallets. We realized there were opportunities for improvement, primarily in the gaps in the feedback loops between customers and artists.

Dibstarter adapts crowd-funding concepts, aiming to directly connect supply to demand through an efficient autobatching and tier-promotion system.

Target Our target user is interested in content discovery, perhaps willing to pay a slight premium for a micro-batched custom tee as long as the relationship between price and production costs is transparent and fair. He/she is interested in potentially rewarding a standouts from a wide pool of artists, in as direct a way as possible.

Tech For this hackathon, we've implemented a full end-to-end slice of functionality, from authentication to shopping to cart to checkout, with card processing and email notifications fully integrated. We've also implemented a basic responsive layout, to help ensure that customers get a consistent experience wherever they choose to "call dibs" from.

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