I'm diabetic, and I wear an insulin pump. Frustrated with the basic graphs that are offered by my pump's software, I decided to make my own interface using exported data to present data in a more user friendly manner. In addition, I planned to use statistics to identify bad trends for the user, and even provide tips for how to improve their care.


I decided to prototype my software in matlab, as it has many useful tools for analyzing data and makes presenting information in graphs exceedingly easy. I would later move to java or something else so that the program would work in more varied environments. I currently use the boost algorithm to find which features are related to bad blood sugars. I now need to find a way to present this to users that is nicer than "read the matrices".


The export made available by the pump is comprehensive, but also presented some issues that made parsing it somewhat difficult. Pulling data out of the export ended up taking up most of my time. Presenting the data in a user friendly way is also difficult, especially in matlab. I hope to make this prettier in a later release.

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