Not many Diary apps are very good. So, to satisfy the user's needs I would like to create this website to be the best so that the user is going to have the best experience when using it.

How I built it

I built it using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Calendar API, Qoom, and Qoom Database.

Intro and Goal

You might not like to write your diary in a book, and you like typing on your laptop. This is when you use an online platform to write your diary entries. Many people don't prefer online diary writing sites because maybe the diary app isn't as good as they taught or the user interface was very bad. This is why I am creating a diary website where anyone can create an account and write their entries with satisfaction.

Who is it for?

This project is space for people who want to write a diary. They can create an account and start writing an entry every day. I will also make it customizable such as adding images, videos, random stickers, and maybe a calendar, a login (setting up an account), and getting reminders at a specific time that they want to get a reminder to write the diary. But my aim is mostly for students, I think that they will be going through a lot every day and they might be very frustrated or sad or angry sometimes, this could affect their mental health. And that is the reason why it is good to write a diary, and this is the age group that I am targeting.

Challenges I ran into

Some of the challenges that I ran into were creating the Calendar API, getting the background's to work, logging in and signing up pages, and actually making the calender work to take the user to the entries. Some trouble that I ran into with the Calendar API was that I wasn't able to find a good API and that was a huge problem. Once I got it implemented into my code I had to make the calendar work the way I wanted it to work. This was probably the most challenging part of my project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am very proud of how this project has come out, it took me 2 months to get the website up and running properly, and one challenge that I managed to accomplish was time management. I used my time wisely in order to create this project. I learned several new things in JavaScript as well as good website design.

What's next for Diarywise

I want to add more features to my project while the user is writing their diary entry, I would like to publish this website and want more people to use it. I want to make more improvements based on the user feedback that I get.


  • Sign Up/ Login Page
  • Calendar Page to open a diary entry
  • In a diary entry the user can change the font, font color, and font sizes
  • They can add insert an image and submit the form
  • They can change the theme of the website in their account.

User Flow

  • They click on the login with google or create an account.
  • Then it takes them to the home page where the calendar is located.
  • When they click on the date in the calendar, it then takes them to their today's day of their diary entry to write.
  • After writing they can customize their diary and make it look beautiful by adding emojis, images, or videos.
  • Then they can save their page and it automatically takes them to the home page.

Wire Frames

Features I am Improving
Figma Design Link
Canva Overveiw of new features

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