Goal: Enhance connection in between persons

Inspiration: Writing the diary is a popular way for people to record their feelings. However, sometimes people would like to have a platform to exchange their diary with others. Sharing is a good way to relieve personal feelings, but current social media platforms like Instagram are too "aggressive" in terms of the time occupied, the attention required, and the networking skill needed. We hope to create a platform that stands in between the personal journal app and the popular social media platform, which provides a way to connect with others without too much burden on it. In addition to that, the communication method of current social media are linear, which means people usually only talk about one topic at a time, and the whole discussion goes sequentially. However, there is no need to respond to others' diary, you could post your diary while checking others. Therefore, communication becomes parallel.

Function/Feature: We hope to focus on the diary, which is the main communication method of our app. The art style of our app is designed to incorporate a sense of "daily life", and provide users a sense of relax. We provide users the ability to choose the people they want to exchange dairy with, also the choice to randomly match with a stranger. Each dairy book would contain a calendar, where you could see which day you have written dairy and which day your partner has written dairy. Users will also have an elegant way to check back earlier dairy(though they can't revise them) through the calendar.

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