I built it for me - to help me keep an eye on what I'm eating, and on my running, in as simplest way as I could think of. So a bit like a food diary, or a running journal - but no calorie counting, or distance measurements, just simple dots so I can do it quickly and easily look back on how I'm doing.

What it does

It consists of an iOS app (I'm working on the Android version and an Alexa Skill). To keep track of something - like what you're eating, you add coloured dots to the app.

So you can open the app, hit the add button and select a Purple dot - in a size from extra small to extra large. You can then look back and see how many dots in what colours you have added for that day or previous days.

You can set meanings to the colors - i.e. Green as Good, Orange as OK and Red as Not So Good. Or Yellow, or Pink - or whatever.

The data is only stored in the phone so only you have access to your dots and their meanings!

How I built it

iOS Swift app

Challenges I ran into

Trying to make it really simple to use, but still useful!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building some simple that I think will be of real use to people

What's next for Diary Dots

Lots more to come! More analytics on how you've been doing More colour options Social integrations Companion Alexa Skill Android version and much more!

Built With

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