There was this very interesting project idea posted by the THINK CARE ACT initiative and I decided to expand upon that and convert it into a mobile application. I wanted everyone to have access to a means to work on their mental health.

What it does

Basically you can create a dairy (BEST/WORST) event and evaluate yourself based on characteristics provided and now down how you can use your best self to work on your worst self. It gives you an overall outlook score based on the responses you provided it with

How I built it

I used Ionic, angular to build this mobile application all by myself

Challenges I ran into

A lot of bug fixes and a lot of design issues that went to waste because I did not have enough time to implement them all. Sometimes the bug fixes took me hours to complete. Also a major challenge was actually getting the app to run on my computer. It was giving me a lot of errors it took me the entire day to fix.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The entire exercise itself from the example was coded into a solution and stored into a sqlite database. From there I ran specific sqlite queries to get the information and display the results. I am most proud that I finished this app SOLO with no help from others.

What I learned

I learned a lot of neat tricks in the development of this app, but what I learned the most was how to run the app in simulation mode on my actual device as well as a simulator on xcode.

What's next for Diarituar

After fixing a couple of bugs and adding more design features, I plan to create charts like this one below Charts

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