Caring for baby has never been easy. Parents have to constantly keep an eye on their babies or bare the worry of a careless babysitter. My cousin, who just had her first child born this September, has complained to me a couple times how looking after a baby had consumed her life. Sometimes she was even too tired to reply to my text asking about how my little nephew was doing.

We want to free parents from the tension brought by a newborn baby. Chouchou, our easy-to-use and inexpensive sensor-application kit, offers parents close care of their babies. It monitors the humidity level of the baby’s diaper and sends real-time data to parents’ phone.

Furthermore, when we were working on the project we realized that this kit can also help women tracking humidity level of their pads during period. So we designed two themes for the application: Chouchou is for parents and Wingwing is for women.

What it does:

The hardware detects the baby’s body temperature and the humidity level of the diaper every 5 minutes. It then sends data to parents’ phones and display the data in dynamic charts. The data is not only used for real-time display, but is also stored to generate analytical report for a certain length of time.

On the dashboard, users can see the charts of two most important data: humidity and temperature. A suggestion of whether the baby needs a diaper change or not is provided below the charts. If the user hits the “Change” button, then the server will record the time of this change of diaper.

More functions can be accessed through side navigation bar. Daily or monthly report gives summary of the baby’s health data of the day or month. Users can use the calendar view to quickly access report of a specific date.

If a user is using the application to track pads humidity level, the user interface and flow is the same with one additional feature: users can add in the calendar that today is one of the shark week.

How we built it:

Our product contains two parts: hardware and software. For the hardware, a Bluetooth sensor is embedded on an Arduino board and communicates with the database through Java. Our cloud database then sends data to the user’s account. Thus real-time data is displayed on the user’s dashboard.

The application is built using swift with nested JavaScript web applications. We used d3.js and char.js for data visualizations and Bootstrap framework for visual appeal. Our database, built on AWS instance, is implemented through MySQL and PHP.

Challenges we ran into:

The biggest challenge for us was sending data from the sensor to our database. Because iOS is not open source, we could not transfer data through Bluetooth as we expected. Our solution of using Arduino board and Java as the bridge can definitely be implemented, but we are happy that it worked. Another challenge we faced was finding and achieving the most efficient and elegant data visualization methods.

Accomplishments that we are proud of:

We are proud that we finally finished a working prototype! Another exciting perspective is that our product not only helps parents with newborn babies but can also help women when Aunt Flo visits.

What we learned:

Teamwork! Working on a big project is not something fresh, however, trying to finish a project in less than 48 hours is hard. We won’t be able to make the product functioning if we did not have good teamwork.

What’s next:

First we want to make our device more portable. One option would be finding a smaller board so that we can get rid of Arduino board and make the entire sensor much smaller. We would also like to finish some functions that we haven’t got time to touch on (such as theme changing, annual report generating, etc.).

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