Financial Inclusion

We’re on a mission todemocratize finance for all. The GameStop frenzy put the spotlight on a growing group of investors who seek and share trading information on social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok and Commission-free Stock Trading & Investing Apps like Robinhood.

Diamond Hands on a mission to democratize finance for all. We believe the financial system should be built to work for everyone.

Join a new generation of investorswho do not want to work 9-5 in increasing your buying power through decentralized $DESO collective decision-making

Invest in your favorite companies with your friends and finance influencers and pitch business ideas to exclusive access of investors

Social proof for investment decisions with social element that encourages young investors to connect, collaborate and develop financial literacy.

What it does

Social Stock Trading & Investing using $DESO Decentralized Social (DESO).

Social Stock Trading & Investing connects your stock trades to social media on an open source blockchain-based social media platform. With Diamond Hands, investors can post short-form writings and meme photos, award money to posts they particularly like by clicking a diamond icon, buy and sell "creator coins", and create and sell non-fungible tokens.

Join a new generation investors who do not want to work 9 to 5 by increasing their buying power through decentralized DESO collective decision making DAPP. Investing doesn't have to be that hard dammit hands is on a mission to democratize finance for all. We believe the financial system should be both to work for everyone. For young investors the app provides social proof for investment decisions with the social element so they can connect collaborate and develop financial literacy. All of this is done on an open source blockchain based social media platform that allows young people to take back ownership of their social content.

imagine Reddit, Kickstarter, and Coinbase all-in-one mobile app? You can do this with diamond which connects investors who seek and share trading information on social media platforms. On the platform users can post short from writings or investment advice with photos or memes and that in return the community can reward money and financial DESOs to post a particularly like by clicking on a diamond hand icon to buy and sell created coins they can also create an cell non fungible token with creator coins. From DESOS module, we can generate a hash to sign the authorization transactions. For instance a user can make a post like SMP 500 is at $3900 diamond hand sounds the post object to diesel and returns a formatted post to the browser disconnect the DESO ecosystem allowing anyone to like comment or share your post.

How we built it

DeSo is a new layer-1 blockchain built from the ground up to scale decentralized social applications to one billion users and it Unlocks The Next Frontier for Blockchain DeSo was built from the ground up to scale one of the biggest untapped markets for blockchain: Social Media.

JSON API call with

data = { "PublicKeyBase58Check": "", "Username": "diamond_handz", "ReaderPublicKeyBase58Check": "", "LastPostHashHex": last_post_hash_hex, "NumToFetch": 4, "MediaRequired": False }

  • create Diamond Hands DeSo and account on to start using the DeSo ecosystem including nodes such as

  • purhcased a domain name at

Instead of hardcoding DESO user

def main(): username = input("Whose posts would you like to see? (type in DeSo username)\n") get_profile(username)

Shows last 4 posts with last_post_hash_hex, "NumToFetch": 4, "MediaRequired": False

Sends the Post object Diamond Hands post to DESO and returns the formatted Diamond Hand post to the browser

Challenges we ran into

  • I did not know any Google Go nor Angular JS. Steep learning curve. However am familiar with Python
  • browser based IDE Replit instead of Visual Studio Code, no pip installs just import libraries
  • Posts.

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 38, in signedTransactionHex = Sign_Transaction(seedHex, transactionHex) File "/home/runner/diamond_handz/", line 94, in Sign_Transaction drbg = hmac_drbg(entropy=bytes.fromhex(seedHex), string=s256) ValueError: non-hexadecimal number found in fromhex() arg at position 2

Accomplishments that we're proud of

From DESO module, generate a hash to sign the authorization transaction

What's the post you'd like to post? "hi hackers!!" 01d7cd7b44918737e8bb33a596dea5145158c48403695f40265543ab23d2a0616d0001021ecdca26a7201c3fa5ef57c6590e49991bc68eabb1b63200e265588f93ac348ed3b302052c00001b7b22426f6479223a225c226869206861636b65727321215c22227de807d461c09ae2ebcebefafd160021021ecdca26a7201c3fa5ef57c6590e49991bc68eabb1b63200e265588f93ac348e03055469746c651d7468697320697320746865207469746c65206f66206d7920706f73742e0767656f5f6c61740533332e30300767656f5f6c6f6e072d3131372e303000

Example: Get Posts

{ "PostHashHex": "", "ReaderPublicKeyBase58Check": "BC1YLj3sisykpMeRtWJTbG4oPyxrQr1n8q8GCLxRommyWBAgb1vqA72", "OrderBy": "", "StartTstampSecs": null, "PostContent": "", "NumToFetch": 50, "FetchSubcomments": false, "GetPostsForFollowFeed": false, "GetPostsForGlobalWhitelist": false, "GetPostsByDESO": false, "MediaRequired": false, "PostsByDESOMinutesLookback": 0, "AddGlobalFeedBool": false }

What we learned

Used code from

What's next for Diamond Hands

real-time trading stock posts similar to twitter by configurating on, adding new monitor HTTPs, adding DESO URL.

Built With

  • deso
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