Every year hundreds of thousands of cyclists are seriously injured in North America, with proper helmet use being one of the most effective prevention against injury. Studies have also shown that the majority of accidents and fatalities happen at traffic lights and intersections. We were inspired to find a better way to keep the roads safe for both cyclists and drivers by tackling these two major issues.

Our helmet has led lights along both of its sides and at the back which are used to signal turns as well as coming to a stop. We implemented a muse to track electrical activity produced by moving muscles in the face to control the left or right signals.

To turn left, you simply blink your left eye. To turn right you blink your right eye. This system allows users to never take their eyes off the road and never take their hands off the handlebars.

In addition to the Muse, we took advantage of the Pebble smart watches accelerator to turn left or right by flicking ones wrist either to the left or to the right. This gives an alternative for those who own a smartwatch.

The Diamond also includes an HD camera which gives you a constant stream of what is going on behind you on the mounted iphone at the front of your bike. This app also includes a map of nearby area as well as statistics such as speed, direction, etc.

How it was built

A raspberry pi is the brains of our smart helmet. We used the pi to control all of the helmets "smart" features. There is constant communication between the raspberry pi and the iPhone in use in order to keep the cyclist aware of their surroundings at all times.

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