The problem

Picture this: You're sitting in the audience for top 10, hearing about the incredible things people have been building for the past 36 hours – but then, disaster strikes! One team finishes, and the next team has to scramble to get their laptop plugged in. Maybe they don't have the right port, or maybe they can't find the dongle. You're looking at a few minutes of dead time in between each and every presentation. The guy next to you is going, "lol, hackathons." That ain't right. There are a couple ways to fix this issue: you can drop tens of thousands of dollars on fancy hardware, or, use dope free software. We made dope free software. It's called diamond.

How it works

Multiple users can stream concurrently to a host computer, entering their project title and tagline. While one user is presenting, the rest are On Deck. For organizers, switching between live demos is as easy as ⌘-tabbing. No wires, no dongles, no dead time — less stress all around. All demos are ~automagically~ recorded, titled, and intelligently clipped at transitions from one demo to another (for later uploading).


This is a totally cross-platform, wireless solution. There are no plugins or restarts needed, It Just Works™. It looks pretty darn good for 36 hours.

Where to?

Given a bit more time, we'd like to polish this to the point where any hackathon organizer could feel comfortable using diamond for their presentation flow.

Built With

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