I can't say this as inspiration, instead this idea generated from all the patients I had seen with kidney related problems who are suffering and struggling their lives out by undergoing dialysis treatments with a hope to recover from this vulnerable disease soon.


This project is a place to store all the logs concerned with kidney related problems. You can get every information such as kidney disease prediction, kidney stone prediction, overview of various chronical diseases one can get encountered with, visualizations of all the aspects while addressing the concerns and seriourness of this issue. Along with it, you can get various tips to prevent yourself from getting affected with or cure back to normal lifestyle. Thus, titled the name as "DiaLogs"

Point to Note : I apologize as I couldn't provide the right frame of webapp even though I tried my best and gave up efforts. It more or less looks like notepad instead, due to which I couldn't showup the demo video. To submit our work up, I had to add demo video of earlier hackathon so that this gets saved and showcase all the work I had done through github. I won't give up but would make it as expected even after hackathon is up.

Submitted for : Tech4U Hacks, GSB Hacks and Vizathon


I had built using python, machine learning, flask, html and css. I had incorporated the models of kidney disease prediction and kidney stones prediction along with necessary tips to follow for their better health though it's hard to get completely cured from these diseases. This would be more beneficial especially in the pandemic who want to check up with their prones to renal attacks and also go through the visualizations and things one should keep in mind while suffering from this diseases


  • Kidney Disease Predictor is provided for individuals to check if they are prone to kidney diseases.
  • Kidney Stone Prediction to check if the patient has stones formed in their kidney once again using ML.
  • Visualizations are provided to showcase how it's differentiated when considering a patient who is normal, suffering from kidney disease, inclulcated with kidney stones, who is undergoing dialysis treatment. -I have a separate section of Tips to prevent from kidney related diseases or to overcome it for better.


The main challenge was building up a front end and integrating it with backend. Being a beginner to web development had hard time struggling and checking up with how it's outputting the format at regular intervals. And it's still in go trying to bug off the issues and check where it's going wrong. Hope I figure it out soon and make this a full pledge app.


I feel accomplished of facts that I could build up a model, direct it to flask, check it up in deployment server, create input forms for predictions, adding index and base files. Interacting with stylings given in css file. And Lot more to accomplish considering all the future plans on the lane. I had built this up in 8 hours I never thought that I could do so much in such a little time.


I had learnt creating models, adding a pkl file, proc file, creating html and css files, configuring styling, implementing flask, directing it to local host for deployment and lot more. I feel more confident than before.


  • I would like to add more real time visualizations of the data through the scanning done for kidney and see its complications.
  • I also have an idea of incorporating the visualizations of patients who had to suffer kidney failure especially contracted through the genes of their family.
  • Along with, I would like to make it into a full time mobile app with various add-on features to support kidney disease patients where they can check up from their comfort of their homes.
  • I can also add up all the nerphologist doctors for consultation through this app, so that they can interact with patients directly and also patients simultaneously can provide the scans and medical here and clear out their queries. This is well needed in current pandemic situation where they can get access to all the facilities through the comfort of their homes.


Prathima Kadari

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