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What it does is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-based delivery service.

We offer a platform for small businesses to sell and deliver their products with efficiency, speed, and convenience.

We operate and maintain a fleet of drones. By handling the complexities of drone logistics and FAA regulations, we make it possible for smaller business to compete with major companies which are developing their own drone systems.

How we built it

McKaulay wrote React components representing our products and interaction with them and our inventory. Aaron and Akshay wrote Firebase Firestore functions allowing for modification of Cloud Firestore database inventory. We experimented with a variety of Node.js APIs for the Parrot Drone to allow for remote routing, control, and configuration, but these APIs unfortunately did not work out properly and we were not able to integrate them well with Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

As mentioned above, challenges with the drone API prevented significant progress on that front, though this allowed us to focus on the storefront and inventory themselves.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for DialDrones

A next step we see for DialDrones are browser extensions, which would notify customers when products they are viewing online can alternatively be purchased and delivered through our platform.

Also, our fleet or drones could also be used for non-commerce related uses:

  • On-demand aerial photography
  • Disaster response: coordinated reconnaissance, supply delivery
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