The inspiration for DiagnoseMe was the desire to be able to access medical advice for minor concerns while avoiding the time and money cost of an appointment with a health provider.

What it does

DiagnoseMe utilizes a Google Form where the user fills out a questionnaire of symptoms experienced. Responses are saved in databases, from which DiagnoseMe then pulls and analyzes the response data to predict a diagnosis.

How I built it

Our app is called DiagnoseMe. We wanted to provide a user friendly experience that enhances easy to navigate interface. We used android studio and the java programming language for creating the code. We created a log base for the user to report any illnesses or illnesses. Then there will be another page for the assessment which the user will navigate to if there is any sickness or symptoms that the user is feeling. Once the user enters the symptoms, then he or she will be navigated wherein they are given the probability of the illnesses they have based on what they entered and what medication will be best to help relieve the symptoms. Through this light colored and appearance of the User Interface, DiagnoseMe is a welcoming app that keeps in process. We had to research and create a database of the most common illnesses that individuals undergo and create a correlation between the common symptoms and illnesses and had to detect a pattern. Once this pattern was identified, we had to enter all of these into the database and then backend program so that all the buttons, text boxes, and other elements in the Android App have functions and each have a specific task and all direct or navigate you to different pages within the DiagnoseMe App. We wanted to make sure that our database was really accurate, strong, and provides good data and thus as a result we developed our Firebase very strongly. After a lot of trial and error and learning from different sources to develop the Google firebase database which was the authentication database. We also used a Google Sheets database which predicted the illnesses based on symptoms.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was finding an idea for a project that would be impactful and then implementing it in a way that would be feasible given that this is our first hackathon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This project introduced us to and got us working with Android Studio, which we were unfamiliar with.

What I learned

We learned the basics of Android Studio and how to use Java in app development. How to problem solve and the

What's next for DiagnoseMe

Next, we will aim to make DiagnoseMe usable for actual health issues, and increase the accuracy of its predictions.

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