Daniel's brother has diabetes, and he wanted to build something that could help him manage his diabetes by logging his daily activity and displaying it to him graphically.

What it does

The "web app" takes in a diabetic person's blood glucose level, intake of carbohydrates, insulin dosage, and time of day to log a meal. That meal is then stored in a database of meal records and gives the diabetic how well he or she has been managing his or her diabetes. The user data is also saved to a text file that is appended to as the user enters more info, which if given more time we could have done some cool stuff with.

How we built it

First, we designed the layout of our program with the help of our mentor Robert. Then, we divided the workload into front end, back end, Python and Flask, and AWS database setup (that did not come to fruition). The goal for the front end of the program was to create a child-friendly interface that would enable kids to use the program. The goal of the back end was to set up a web server through AWS to host our application so that it could be used cross-platform. Finally, the goal of attempting to set up a database was to keep track of a large set of diabetic health data in the hopes that we could give the user recommendations for how to better manage their diabetes (recommend meals, warn user of common times of high blood sugar levels, etc.)

Challenges we ran into

We were not short on this aspect of the hackathon. Initially our group came up with an awesome idea which was not short on supporting compliments - telling the user when and how much more to eat, possible recipes to help the user balance his diet better, and a huge database that could decide if the user was healthy or not. We created the DynamoDB database and got it running, but had trouble getting it to interface with the other services being hosted on Amazon AWS like we hoped. In addition, we used html to create the user interface, and initially we thought the only way to store data from html was through php or javascript. We went with php, and thought we had a database running, but it required flask to operate and little did we know php cannot run with flask. It's really hard to get php to run in general. We spent a lot of time designing, debugging, and trying to find solutions to these problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all learned a lot and successfully got a web server (and technically, DynamoDB) up and running. None of us had much experience in python or php before tonight and we each learned some code for either of those. We also got some experience with AWS.

What we learned

Coding in php/python, how to utilize our resources, work as a team and design out a plan, modular design, AWS, databases, flask, apache,

What's next for Diabetus

SLEEP, FOOD, SHOWER, TOOTHBRUSH, TOILET, and a cure for diabetus

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