Since our leader, Melody, is the president of the Digital Illustration Club, we decided to create a bot that was related to art. Our leader's friend, Chanmie, suggested that we make a bot for art prompts. However, Melody suggested that we make something different. We needed to separate ourselves from the current bots that exist to give prompts. So, we decided to create one that could give artists references.

What it does

The Refereceninator-5000 is a discord server bot that allows discord users to use commands that prompt the bot to send relevant reference images for human figures. The users can select from a variety of options what kind of reference they want. For example, specific limbs like feet and hands. It also has a few other functions, with a command to show a cat video.

How we built it

We used VSCode and used Javascript & Node to program the bot. It is hosted on Heroku. It uses two API's of websites that contain many images: Shutterstock and Pexel.

Challenges we ran into

I got panic attacks in the middle, but my teammates didn't need me. Another challenge was that the Shutterstock API didn't give us very revelant reference images, so we ended up using Pexel for figures.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that the bot could do something. I really like the hidden features.

What we learned

We learned how to program discord bots.

What's next for Untitled

We will disband forever. But the memories we shared will forever remain in our hearts, no matter where we end up in the future.

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