Tired of using cloud based integrated google calendar apps or any other complex apps that manage day to day events. Such apps contain complex features that do not get to the point or simply too hard to even use. Thats where I came up with DIA. (Day in English)

What it does

A much simpler app to simply add events, delete events, complete events, edit, and keep track of events done with NO complexities. More importantly, NO CREATING ACCOUNTS, NO CLOUD BASED COMPLEXITIES, NO BULLSHIT!!

How I built it

Using Swift 4 and xcode with advanced software design practice

Challenges I ran into

None. Unless it is animating Autolayout programmatically then I guess that is the only challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That user's don't have to SIGN IN or SIGN UP for an account and have one more account to keep tabs with.

What I learned

That simpler is much better

What's next for Dia

The apple App store. Free app. No bullshit

**updated April 26, 2018

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