The problem dHuB solves

dHub is a social hub that leverages the use of decentralization and blockchain for various tasks. It includes a decentralized version of twitter where users can share their opinion, thoughts, or maybe share a message or news which will be saved forever on the blockchain. The gas fees for polygon is near 0 and in return the user receives censorship resistance, immutability, 100% uptime of content, verifiable ownership of their content, a platform that doesn't have to advertise/sell user data to remain sustainable, etc. The fees also reduces the ability/willingness for people to spam, makes you think twice before shitposting. The user can also view all the tokens and coins they own, and transfer them to another address. The user can also swap their tokens and coins on this dapp. Another functionality of this dapp is to act as a marketplace for NFTs or act as an interface to transfer the NFT or list it on opeansea. Now, after using all the other functions of the dapp the user might need more coins/tokens so the user can also buy crypto directly in the dapp so that any user would never have to leave this dapp.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into numerous challenges as I have just starting getting into web3 but I have learned many things in return.

Built With

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