What it does

Let's you create a loan on Dharma and then sell it on 0x.

How we built it

We used create-react-app and the dharma and 0x tutorials to create a loan request, fill it, create a 0x order for the underlying debt erc721 token and fill that too.

Challenges we ran into

Using two different test environments and starterkits (Dharma and 0x) at the same time was pretty challenging. Porting it to work on Kovan was also hard without much prior knowledge in web3js.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We feel this is a new and novel idea which can be the basis for a secondary market for loans down the line! We learnt tons about dharma and 0x.

What we learned

  • Decide upon idea much earlier...
  • Using web3js, dharma orders and loans, 0x orders etc
  • Definitely more complex to build dapps than you would think!

What's next for Dharma 0x relayer

Make the sell order signing work so that the poc runs cleanly. Create a relayer backend with an api and actually make the thing work with existing loans etc.

Built With

  • 0x
  • dharma
  • figma
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posted an update

if you're gonna have a look do these steps:

  • have two kovan accounts with ZRX and DAI tokens from
  • click set allowances in /create with two separate users in metamask
  • click new loan in /create with user 1
  • switch to user 2 and click on the loan
  • Go to /market as user 2
  • Click Sell

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