Our team was inspired by the theme of 'hack the arts'. We wanted to find a creative way to inspire people to use their recyclable waste to create art and other DIY projects by using materials they already have. Some examples of projects include making clothes out of plastic grocery bags or making a cell phone holder out of a lotion bottle.

We learned a lot about user interfaces and how data is stored. The project started as a Python script in a console window but eventually ended up being an iOS app written in SwiftUI with a full GUI. Some of the challenges we faced was storing user data. For example, once the program is closed, how to remember what recyclable items the user had previously collected. In Python, we tried implementing a local database which stored the items. In SwiftUI, it was able to be done by storing the information in UserDefaults.

Some challenges we faced was that this was our first hackathon for all 4 of us. We weren't certain how large the scope of the project should be, and we had a difficult time coming up with an idea, since most of the coding we do is assigned work from our classes.

Python function features:

  • Console program
  • SQLite 3 Database to store user data and information
  • Suggest suitable art projects based on the input
  • Give recycling tips to the user

App implementation:

  • iOS application with tabbed GUI
  • Track amount of reusables collected
  • Suggested art projects, filtered by user's items, with WebKit interface
  • Page with list of recycling tips
  • User-friendly and brandable app name with logo

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