As amateur investors, we noticed that manually researching companies is very tedious. The information you want to know about a company -- location, financial data, leadership, etc -- is spread out across dozens of disparate sources. Websites like Bloomberg that tell you about financial data and management don't inform you about the company's milestones and headquarters.

What it does

Graphayy automates the entire process of researching a website. Pretty much everything you want to know about a company is given to you. Graphayy aggressively calls and scrapes data from dozens of websites. The data is cleaned, standardized, and classified by the kind of data, then displayed.

For many corporations, Graphayy provides more information than Bloomberg's online database, which is considered one of the world's best free databases about public corporations.


  • Identifies company industry
  • Offers relevant company and industry news
  • Provides short summary of company
  • Displays company office map
  • Displays 3D interactive map of company headquarters using WRLD.JS
  • Displays an interactive company stock history chart
  • Shows up relavent stock statistics using Blackrock Aladdin
  • Links recent company SEC 10K filings
  • Shows key people to the company
  • Lists popular/important jobs and their corresponding salaries
  • Paints timeline of important company milestones and history

How I built it

APIs Used

  • Google Cloud Platform - Google places API, Google Geo Code API, Google Trends API, Google Search API - Used to find location of company
  • Microsoft Cognitive Services API - Bing News Search API, Bing Autosuggest API - Used to find websites to webscrape
  • Blackrock Alladin API - Analyze requested company to determine risk
  • WRLD API - 3D map of company headquarters
  • Logo API - Get company logo
  • Events Registry API - Get news related to the company and industry

Technologies Used

  • Python - Django
  • D3.js
  • Plotly
  • Particlejs
  • Reactjs
  • Beautiful Soup
  • Pandas
  • Bouquet

Challenges I ran into

There were a number of challenges faced during the development of Graphayy. These included the attempting to access the Glassdoor API to display their data set of worker salaries and other information, but because of difficulties of their long period of time required to authenticate for usage glassdoor was dropped in favor of using payscale. Another significant challenge graphayy faced was that attempts at accessing Linkedin's fantastic information and data sets for all companies did not work and resulted in an, "auth0," error.

Other challenges we ran into were the limits of data scraping where sometimes pages had the data for some companies and other times they did not have the data for other companies.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to webscrape a large amount of data that was accurate and replicable for almost any company search. We are extremely proud of piecing together the 3d mapping technology to help display the headquarters of every company. There are few services in the world that offer a compilation of all relevant information about a company and the free ones available are nowhere near as detailed or intuitive for general use as the one we built for this Hackathon.

What I learned

Though for many of the technologies we used we had prior experience working with, there were many new technologies and APIs we had no idea how to use and implement. We spent much of the time in the Hackathon learning and implementing these new tools to create a better project. We learned just how difficult it is to web scrape something from websites since so many did not follow common conventions causing a large amount of web scraped information to become useless.

What's next for Graphayy

Graphayy's future is to expand the information available for each company. We want to include a table with all the financial data of a company from the previous year's revenue to profit along with a box that states market cap. At the same time we expand the information offered, we make sure that we prune any not so important information offered. Graphayy will offer only the most important curated information about a company and keeping the company page simple and intuitive versus bogged and complicated.

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