Inspiration: Supplying data about ourselves in the form of a resume or profile is often viewed with dread or boredom. However, most people enjoy finding out new things about their coworkers. We set out to encourage Daugherty consultants to share information about themselves and learn about their coworkers.

What it does: Our application sends a random fact about a random Daugherty consultant each day to anyone who participates. It facilitates this by allowing Daugherty consultants to answer questions about themselves to a Slackbot. The questions focus on client assignment and current project, skill levels, skill interests, personal interests, hobbies, and fun facts. Each day a consultant can answer one or many questions about themselves.

How we built it: We built our application using Python, Bootstrap – HTML and CSS, AWS, Slack and Mongo. We took an agile approach and created a Kanban board populated with tasks to manage our work. Challenges we ran into: Storing images in Mongo, which we were unable to resolve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are proud of being able to host a static page in AWS and setting up a persisting Mongo database. Successfully building a working application from idea generation through deployment with a team that was not formed prior to the Hackathon opening ceremony.

What we learned: How to build a static webpage in Bootstrap and deploy into AWS. Some of our teammates learned the magic behind creating an application during a hackathon timeframe. We also learned a lot about working with each other as a team and level setting expectations of a MVP.

What's next for Dfacto: The next phase of the project would incorporate generating dynamic Profile pages for consultants from the data gathered by the Dfacto Slackbot. Allow consultants to update questions they had previously answered. Add the ability to generate statistical analysis of the gathered data. For example, being able to pull a report showing all consultants with a skill level of 3 or above in Python. Create a game of guess the consultant or leader based on a random fact about them.

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