The sheer interest in chatsbots, I considered this a good opportunity to get an insight of their workings under the hood.

What it does

The chatbot though only partly functional, is supposed hold casual conversations with the user with the motive of collecting the demographic data of the Dubai RTA Public transport users. This in turn would help improve the services by adjusting priority according to what we learn.

How I built it

This bot was built mostly with the help of the IBM Watson Assistant service.

Challenges I ran into

Picking and figuring out the right service for the chatbot.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Nothing too special, but I'm glad we got to learn a little more today being me and my partner's first hackathon

What I learned

Other than technical aspects of making a chatbot, this hackathon has helped us learn the art of pitching a project.

What's next for Dexter : Chatbot

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