We have built this project with the intention of improving both the democratization and decentralization aspects of perpetual trading, as they are still facing severe issues when it comes to mass adoption and small trader integration.

What it does

Dexodus is a perpetual decentralized exchange that removes all gas fees from users to instead establish a fair, stable fee for every transaction so that it proportionally impacts everyone’s performance in the same way. It also uses data streams and Chainlink Automation to provide a seamless user experience with maximum speed, security and reliability. Finally, it contains gamification elements, such as competitive Seasonal Leagues and NFT collections with protocol benefits such as fee yielding that can gain experience, level up and even evolve.

How we built it

  • Customized Futures Contracts: Engineered in-house to achieve tailored efficiency standards for gamification features and functionalities.
  • Proprietary Liquidity Pool: Our internally-managed liquidity pool ensures efficient auto-compounding mechanisms.
  • ZKSync Deployment: Leveraging ZK Rollups for swift, decentralized, and secure transactions on ZKSync. For futures functionality, users incur no transaction fees, thanks to paymasters utilizing account abstraction.
  • TheGraph Integration: Facilitating automatic position liquidation, historical position access, powering trader tournaments, rankings, and copy trading.
  • API3 and Chainlink Integration: Utilized for price feeds and randomization of NFTs, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
  • IPFS + Filecoin: Employed for heightened decentralization and data persistence, enhancing the durability and distribution of our data storage infrastructure. This tech arsenal empowers Dexodus with cutting-edge functionalities, superior efficiency, and an unparalleled level of security and decentralization.

Challenges we ran into

  • The calculations to take into account for future positions were a lot more complicated than previously anticipated and a lot of effort went into making them as solid as possible.
  • Using account abstraction for gasless transactions using Biconomy in Arbitrum Sepolia.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Having integrated Data Streams along with Chainlink Automation to collect prices for the different markets where our users operate.
  • We built a liquidity pool with autocompound, meaning liquidity providers can just invest and move on with their lives without having to worry about being on top of things.
  • A futures contract with gamification features that allows for robust and secure trading.

What we learned

We have learned a lot about the DeFi space in general and how we can channel Chainlink’s latest features to bring a decentralized protocol to the next level.

What's next for Dexodus

  • Fee integration
  • Referral Program
  • NFT Arena integration (gain experience through trades)
  • Seasonal Leagues
  • Copy Trading

Built With

  • arbitrum
  • chainlink-automation
  • data-streams
  • javascript
  • midjourney
  • nextjs
  • solidity
  • thegraph
  • vercel
  • viem
  • wagmi
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