What is Dexify?

In life there are lot of problems one faces which might lead to people getting addicted to stuff ranging from coffee/tea to even drugs. This disturbs the mental health of a person on a fundamental level and also has a bitter impact to their life. A lot of people become aware of this and try to get out of this situation by going to deaddiction centre or by becoming parts of support groups.

But during this time of the pandemic, when people need to maintain social distancing performing such activites is not possible. People who might have beeen trying their best to recover, have suddenly been plunged into staying at their homes all day and in a lot of cases with little to no support. We belive no one should face such hardships, and this is the problem we aim to solve with Dexify.

Dexify is a deaddiction and a community mental health tracking app. It has the ability to monitor one's mood and day to day acitvities. It does not just stops with tracking it but also helps to improve the mood of the user and keep them positive and motivated.

What all Dexify can do?

Dexify contians some of the intresting features with which we aim to help as many people as we can:

  • Activity Tracker: Helps you to note down all the the activities you do on a day to day to basis. From the food you eat and till the amount of calories have accurquired in your each meal along with monitoring your exercise . It also conatins hydration meter which helps you stay hydrarted through out the day, never letting you get thirsty.

  • Group Chat: It really hard to get out from a addiction when you dealing with it single-handed. We provide the prefect place to get some helping hands to keep the streak of yours going. You can sign in and start chatting with others using Dexify, as well as make groups which play the role of support groups. All this while your privacy is maintained becuase your username is in your hands and you can delete your account at any time.

  • Streak Map: This a visual rewards system which helps you understnand how well you are doing with the deaddiciton process and will help you stay motivated to maintain this streak.

  • Mood Journals: Here is a place were you can note down all your ups and downs and all the mood swings you go through the day. This will help you reflect over your mental activity and help you trakc your progress better over a perios of time. We also provide the results of all data you fill in form of graphs for easier analysis of your mental state over a long period.

  • Mood Detection: Just a photo of your face or answer a few question is more than enough for the IBM Tone Analyzer to understand your current mood. based on your mood, we do our best to provide you with motivation quotes to help you stay positive and optimistic.

  • Anonymity and Privacy: Never be worried about your information leaking or being shy about talking to people to about what you're going through. Here everyone is identified with their nicknames which provide complete anonymity to a user. Also you can access all features of the application without doing any sign-ins or formalities. The only place where this nickname is needed is in the chat rooms if you want to interact with other people.

For the people who want to know what makes our project tick

  • We provide the entire service in form of a flutter application that can run on both Android and iOS devices.
  • For the chat feature, we have built a separate backend which ensure complete security using Google's Firebase services. You can view the repo here: dexify-backend
  • Mood analysis is done by the IBM Watson Tone Analyser API which analyse the sentiment of the user input and returns the result promptly allowing us to display relavant quotes.

Our techstack

  • Flutter
  • GraphQL
  • sqflite
  • Firebase
  • IBM Watson Tone Analyser
  • Typescript



1 18
A dashboard showing the current streak data Daily activites with meal and water consumption tracking


2 3 4
Random quotes are always ready for motivation Dedicated Mood Analyser Analysis via photo or answers to a set of questions
5 7 8
Tone analyser using Watson APIs Mood based quote: Happy Mood based quote: Not happy

Mood Tracker

9 6
Mood tracker Note down your mood at time to take care of mental well being
10 12
View all your notes View the stattics to see how you are doing over a period of time

In app chat supported by firebase

13 14
Chat Feature Group chats for more support
15 16
Search through all user of the app to get in touch with those you already know Form groups too

Privacy and Anonymity

Your username is in your hands, and delete the account at any time you want

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Vishwaak Chandaran

Abhijit Ramesh

Yash Khare

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