Inspired by Kyber network proposal to build trading view solely on parsing transaction events from on-chain

I could use the API of my project ( out of the box, but it appears to be not very suitable for trading view integration

What it does

Shows trades, volumes and rates for the tokens of Kyber DEX in a trading view.

How we built it

We used the indexed ethereum datasource, fetched events related to Kyber network, parsed them. Integrated the backend with the trading view Javascript API as a datasource.

In addition, listed all token pairs traded on Kyber network

Challenges we ran into

No major challenges

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making financial metrics straight from the on-chain, with no intermediary data sources from exchanges

What we learned

DEX events are pretty easy to parse and use, trading view has a simple integration

What's next for dex_tradingview

Need to add all other DEX protocols, Also we probably do not present open/close rates quite well, need to fix this

Good idea for the future is to expose API in Bloxy,info to implement this, amke a special API adopted for this usage and optimised for high volume ( say, for trading DApps )

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