We are inspired by the very feasible prospect of combining spatial computing and robotics to do something as meaningful as growing food...

where there wasn't before,

by the average person - like us.

What it does:

dew•E solves for the creation and maintenance of a food-producing garden. dew•E provides the path of least resistance for people and communities to grow their own food.

dew•E consists of a user experience empowered by AR + cloud analytics + robotic automation.

The AR app assists the user plan, plant and predict their garden harvests with the robot tasked to provide a per plant status update.

How I intend to built it:

  • We plan to use the Unity to develop a way to survey a plot, recognize individual plants and task our robot to perform periodic tasks for each plant.
  • We are going to design an intuitive, mixed reality interface that allows a user to see the status of each plant, updated from the robot.
  • We intend to use our Segway Loomo robot to serve as our semi-autonomous robot for this hackathon.
  • We are using Tensorflow object recognition libraries to serve as navigation for our robot.
  • Our cloud stack enables the user to interact with the robot and send data back and forth.

Challenges that we are running into:

  • Developing a recognition system for plants.
  • Getting the robot to navigate its surroundings effectively.
  • Making the user experience easy to interact with.


This same core team has previously won an VR/AR AT&T Hackathon in Bellevue WA in Feb. 2017. See this link for winning project details: []

What's next for dew•E - Gardening with AR with robot tasking

  • Continue with creating a minimum viable technology demo prior to a MVP

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