My inspiration for participatin in this hackthon came from a desire to combine project management and game development tools to streamline the development process and improve collaboration between team members.

What it does

The game loads just the game menu screen I was unable to add other sceens because whenever i trie to access my in jira cloud using the rest APII got errors and I was unable to get help.

HowI built it

The game was built using forge and phaser3 . Luckily, the starter app in the hackathon page helped. I think without it I could have really struggled a lot .It shed some light on how we could integrate phaser3 with forge.

Challenges I ran into

Loading my phasers 3 games assets like images and spritesheets. First I had put my assets in alocal folder and accessed them locally but only text data was displaying on the game and no images or spritesheet.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

As , beginer in using atlassian projects ,atleast I have accomplished a lot like deploying my app to jira cloud and confluence,creating a custom ui app using jira and installing my app to jira and confluence. Im also proud of the fact that I can now used atlassian products like bitbucket, ,Jira and Opesgnie.

What I learned

When developing a game using jira you need first to create an issue and upload your assets to the jira issue then you can access all the assets to your game using the jira and forge rest api.

What's next for DevUnleashedGame

I know am far away from being a winner in this hackthon,but I look upon on participating on more atlassian hackthons. Thank you.

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