With this pace of technological development, students and professionals thrive to solve real-world problems using technology. Most of those hacks are never completed because of a lack of required skill, mentorship, and time constraints. The world would be such a better place if all those hacks become a reality. With DevSync, we are trying to make this a reality.

What it does

            DevSync is a hub where incomplete projects can be posted. Developers with the required skill can take up those projects and contribute.  Developers can get some incentive for their work through the inbuilt payment gateway. 
           Posting a project is as simple as posting an achievement on LinkedIn. Hackers can post their project name, description, functionality, the part where they need help, and the required skill. Developers with the skillset can opt to contribute and they will immediately be connected with the hacker. 
            DevSync also has the feature to add friends!! . Hacks can add particular contributors as friends. Visibility of the posts can be limited to friends so that only the friends of the Hackers can see it. 
            While creating an account, the skills of the person are asked so that the newsfeed is customized according to the skills of the user. It's a win-win situation. Hackers can meet quality contributors with the matched skillset and developers can see posts related to their skillset.
            Communication is the key to development. We believe that smooth communication between the contributors and hackers will accelerate the completion of the project. So, DevSync comes with an inbuilt chat feature. In the future, we have planned to incorporate a virtual meeting platform as well!!

How we built it

           DevSync is developed using MERN stack. We are using firebase for authentication and deployment. Mongo DB is used to store user data and posts.

Challenges we ran into

          The biggest challenge we faced is putting everything in one piece. We, as a team divided our work so that we can be efficient. But encapsulating them as a single website became a tedious task. 

What we learned

           As a team of enthusiastic people, we learned the advanced concepts of react and distributed SQL.  we learned about team correlation and time management. We learned about integrating various modules of a software product

What's next for DevSync

         We have planned to add a mentorship feature. verified mentors from various fields and skillsets can select the project they can assist on. Further, we have planned to incorporate machine learning and deep learning algorithms to improvise our newsfeed system. We have also planned to add a virtual meeting platform inside DevSync for convenient presentations and meetings between the developers. 
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