We were inspired by social media as a whole and GitHub's audience, developers, with acknowledging the problem of the lack of social contact developers have with each other. We are frequent users of the two applications and were inspired to create an app where developers can socialize and collaborate on projects with one another.

What it does

A social platform for developers to collaborate. DevSpace allows developers to share their projects, post-tech-related discussions, and connect with other developers to collaborate on projects. The app includes a home screen where developers can view posts and projects of other developers as well as contact them. It is a platform developers to meet with each other and collaborate on future projects. There is a direct messaging feature that allows them to contact one another included in the app.

How we built it

We built this app using flutter in android studio and we built the website using bootstrap with HTML 5 and CSS in visual studio code.

Challenges we ran into

We learned languages such as Html5 with CSS3 because we wanted to challenge ourselves with creating a website and app even though most of us had little experience with it. We worked together on developing the idea and divided the work amongst ourselves to execute the project in the most efficient manner. We used current-day social media apps for inspiration on our user interfaces and by using flutter, we were able to develop a professional app with the proper functionality. We had a hard time making a website and an app as it took a lot of time and difficulty. At one point in the middle, we accidentally overrode the project on GitHub which led to the code being lost but luckily we were able to recover it. We built the app and website using, HTML5, CSS3, Flutter, JavaScript, Note.JS, Jquery, and Bootstrap.

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