With every second that passes, each and every developer's job is on the line and guess what makes it even more worse for the poor souls "BOSS, BUGS AND FEATURES". In a case where every second counts the developer community is hours and days away on platforms like "Stackoverflow". At the same time the loveria between a developer and his macbook has become so strong that he does not have enough time to socialize with feeble creatures like humans.

What it does

DevScout is the first ever platform for the developers to get social and find out the community of developers in and around the place where he is. Asking for help from the experts around the developers locality is a much easier, faster and reliable. Solving problems and socializing (without leaving your love) with developers is what devScout helps you with.

How I built it

Once after the idea was selected the team cooperated in the best possible way to design and develop not only a MVP but a complete finished product. Meteor which always had been at the top was just the right framework to make our idea tick.

Challenges I ran into

The first and the foremost biggest challenge we had to face was finding meteor developers from Pakistan. Which was the fact that led us to develop "DevPost", we thought long and hard about the idea which would pay off and can also be converted into a sustainable business.

What I learned

How difficult it is to find developers having the same interests as yours around you.

What's next for DevScout

It is going to get bigger, faster and smarter. :)

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