What it does

Developers can choose a location on the map, and create a dialogue box explaining their event. The event is then pin-pointed on a map with details including the exact location and any other information the developer deems necessary to include. These then update on the site for all to see.

How We built it

This was built using a number of things. We used JavaScript and jQuery to produce the scripts that take in the locations and allow the developers to upload their events. HTML and CSS was used to create the front end, with the help of bootstrap to keep it looking nice.

Challenges We ran into

We found that some of the things didn't work as we had initially expected, and we had to work out our own way around them. For example some of the scripts wouldn't upload the correct data to the dialogue boxes, and so we had to find out why this was happening, and fix it.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We're proud of being able to work together well as a team to produce the product that we set out to make.

What We learned

Bootstrap was a new feature to all of us in the team, and we had to learn how to work with it to make the project look nice and do what we want it to do.

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