Dev profile was inspired by the lack of a platform in and around Jamaica for developers to help them get hired. No longer will companies come to get coding jobs done or waste money on job posting sites but DevProfile will host the best of jamaican developers, showcase their talents to the world and supply a market that is hungry for coders.

With aid of a database, DevProfile showcases information in an organized manner so that the general public can have access. As such, devprofile aims to assist its members to be featured and hired by employment agencies.

We started off using HTML and Bootstrap to create the landing page, gradually, we created the other pages where necessary, then was moved to a reactive framework in the name of vue.Js. The back-end aspect was created using express.js and Node.Js .

The first challenge faced was getting the project up and running into a working state, the dependencies that help to power to the project was a bit of a headache to configure, however while going through a few tutorial we were able to add the required powerhouses for our project. Secondly, because of the short knowledge base we had with Node.Js development was a bit tedious and challenging.

We are proud that we were able to get the project scaffold and working as intended.

We are very proud we could have co-operated and completed the given tasks effectively and most importantly, to understand out team members and motivate them to work at their maximum potential.

Our team has seen the positive impacts that DevProfile can make as it relates to the development community. As a result, we will strive to continue the development of DevProfile.

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