A flight Insurance system that is deployed on XinFin network

Update/ Pre-requisite -

  1. What is XinFIn network - (XinFin)[]
  2. Learn the process of creating and deploying Xinfin []
  3. Link to see XinFin explorer[]
  4. Link for XinFIn faucet []
  5. XinPay chrome extension []

Ideation -

There are millions of flights scheduled everyday and taht may lead to the delay in arrival that may cause serious issue to the passenger and flight companies also face many defamation. My idea is to create the decentralised process for the registeration of flights, come into consensus and provide the insurance claim to the customer without any involvement of third party and hassle free process.

Deployment on Xinfin -

Contract address - xdc6a6b80c5ee9fa2089d5c97de5e1a74667f68cd37
Link - []

Presentation slide -

Here is the PPT slide in which I have mentioned all the details -

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