Devpost works with tons of cool companies and attends hackathons all over the place. Laptop stickers are one of our favorite things, but we ran out of room on our laptops.

How I built it

Does it count as a 24 hour project if I've been hoarding laptop stickers for 18 months? I attached a few sheets of posterboard, measured and sketched out the letters, then filled them in with a lot of stickers.

sticker gif`

Challenges I ran into

The robot in the P tried to rise up against me and tore the paper between the S and T. I put him back in his robot place so we're all safe. You're welcome.

What's next for Devpost Sticker Wall

Hopefully, it will hang in our office and remind us of all the great people we've worked with and the amazing stuff our users have built. If your sticker is represented in here, you are obligated to vote for me.

Built With

  • more-stickers
  • posterboard
  • scissors
  • stickers
  • tape
+ 15 more
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