Currently there is no incentive for a user to run an IPFS node, with filecoin, the node user can be given filecoin as an incentive to keep an IPFS node runninga and contribute to the effort of a decentralized data store.

What it does

Integrates CORTX, S3 and Filecoin under one system

How we built it

Using CORTX S3 api, Filecoin and Powergate

Challenges we ran into

Crashing of the CORTX VM, getting the integration to communicate with each other

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrated the technologies and got it working

What we learned

Read the documentation :)

What's next for Devpost Hackathon 2022 - [CORTX Filecoin integration]

Improve, maybe interface with the motr core or create a web app

Built With

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