The well-known fact perfectly fits here "The need leads to discovery" . So in our case, it was being observed that many students lag behind due to lack of awareness. Even those who know about the open-source platform GitHub doesn't get a chance to contribute because for the beginners it is not easy to get that codebase on big repositories and eventually many fail to get a open source experience Although there are programs already started to give you open source experience but again lot of competition may lead to loss. . Also its not easy to land an internship in a big company directly if one doesn't have previous development experience. Even there are some internships provided itself by the college but some people don't get to know about it and hence lose the opportunity.

What it does

devNITH is a website created exclusively for the NIT Hamirpur students i.e our college. It's a platform built mainly for newbies who find it difficult to start their development journey. Therefore devNITH connects Nitians( NIT Hamirpur students ) with one another. There are two kinds of people it will be connecting, the one who needs work and the other one who wants to get it done. So, if u have an open-source project then you can post it here and the next person visiting the website will get to know where he/she can contribute. And for internship, there are many startups itself in the college and that needs an intern. But only those who have contact with seniors get to know about it. But on our website, every single person visiting it can get to know the latest projects they can work on. So this way nobody will lose the opportunity.

How we built it

We know every project isn't a straight road to success. The major part was brainstorming . Our aim was to make something which solves a common issue. Then we thought why to go out when we can do something for our own college students. Also every hackathon project must come with great learning. Hence we decided to use django as a framework Both of us didn't have any previous experience with it. So this came as a challenging part to us.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge for us was to learn Django framework in this less time. Though we started learning it one or two day in advance, it was still very less time to do this project. But the problem doesn't ends here. Coming up with a good UI wasn't easy in such short period of time. But finally we were satisfied with the design of the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The most important thing about this project is that this is not just another project. We are looking forward to launch it for our college students.

What we learned

We learned the Django web framework from start in such a small interval of time.

What's next for devNITH

We are seriously looking forward to launch it soon for use by the students of NIT Hamirpur. We will have to create links with our seniors who are potential startup builders and get internship opportunities listed from them.

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