In today's society, thanks to the creation of platforms such as Google and Stackoverflow, coders are able to find explanations to their bugs and problems within a few simple searches on the Internet. Other platforms such as Github have greatly facilitated online collaboration and the development of many open-source projects by the public.

However, at a local level, there is no easy and efficient system for students to find local collaboration, guidance, and mentorship from other individuals. This is why we wanted to create a platform for students who are undertaking projects or seeking help to be able to easily connect locally with individuals that are a match for them.

What it does

DevNet is an online platform that allows its users to either register as students or as industry mentors and connect with other members of the platform. Users can fill a comprehensive profile of their skillsets, interests, experience, and projects which are shared with others. They then can then find others in their local communities based on their interests and expertise. For example, a student seeking advice for front-end development would be able to filter through industry mentors in order to find one of an appropriate fit. Another seeking to be involved in projects would be able to scroll through the project section and find one that is of interest. Once two individuals match with each other, they are able to message each other in order to set up a meeting in real life!

How we built it

We made a multiplatform application (browser and IOS) using ReactJS, NodeJS, Firebase, and Swift.

Challenges we ran into

  1. We had a lot of issues with deploying Firebase Cloud functions.
  2. Choosing appropriate frameworks
  3. Integrating other features such as a messaging without affecting the rest of the system

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We have successfully used the Google API in order to create the platform
  2. Collaborative Skills
  3. Planning and organization of development

What we learned

We learned a lot in web and app development throughout these three days! More specifically, we learned to use the ReactJS and NodeJS frameworks in order to build a great-looking Web application, and Swift and Xcode for IOS development.

What's next for DevNet

We are planning to keep building on the project and get it out on the App store.

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