• traffic is terrible!

What it does

devmaps is an interactive traffic app for drivers and developers alike. We provide drivers with ideal directions based on historically gathered data and real-time driving conditions. devmaps lets you plan trips in advanced or on the spot! All of the data we used is available to developers.

How I built it

client side: used bubble to draft a design server side: created server using java that listened for request from website, received and parse data, determine validity of the data, sent data to google's distance matrix api, then stores eta returned from api, assembles data, returns data to client

Challenges I ran into

  • implementing the backend with front-end; integrating server created with bubble interface.
  • determining protocols to use for communication of client and server
  • acquiring data

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Karla's first time at a hackathon. YAY!
  • first time using google's distance matrix

What I learned

  • learned to use google's distance matrix
  • planning integration of front end and back end
  • easy to use front end development with

What's next for devmaps

  • develop a more complex algorithm to process data beyond just using google's api to acquire information
  • returning more detailed information to the user
  • design a easy accesible and user friendly restful api
  • better user interface
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posted an update

The Devmaps team has decided to continue development! We will be creating a REST API for developers to access data collected by our server. On-top of that, we will be collecting different types of data to provide more complex, and accurate statistical information about desired routes!

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