Helping Hawaii's homeless and helping goverment services that help them.

What it does

People with a cellphone or smartphone can take a picture of a homeless person and report that location so that government services can locate these people and provide aid for them.

How we built it

We created a server with Express.js and created the referrals and pictures database with PostgreSQL. We connected the data to the front end using Pug and styled with Sass. We are using Twilio for converting text messages into incoming data. We also use cloudinary for our image hosting service. We also use google maps for the geolocation maps.

Challenges that we ran into

Creating a user friendly website that can help the homeless and the state.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to use Twilio for texting, making our own application, and using google maps tracking.

What we learned

We learned about coordinating work with Github and communicating changes. While working on this project, we also learned about changing our features to work for all users.

What's next for devleagueforhomeless

Login system for administration to allow comments and change the status. Information to help homeless people.

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