Amid the current COVID-19 situation that has engulfed the whole world; everyone is facing challenges and are socially impacted. This has encouraged us to develop a project management platform on which corporate companies manage their work with total privacy and ownership during remote work from home.

Problem Statement

With the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring Coronavirus (COVID-19) a global pandemic, the communities around the world are forced to practice social distancing, while companies have enforced work from home policies in an effort to flatten the curve of viral infections across the population.

Given the isolation currently being experienced within communities right now, we want to create an online platform or space where developers can ideate, experiment and build software during this crisis.

Our Idea

Due to the prevailing situation from COVID-19 companies and organisation are forced to work from home. Most of them need to use third party platform and softwares to manage their project/work online. Using such third party platform does not assure total ownership of the project since third party may also see their confidential or important project files, work or prototypes. Living in era of web 3, our idea is to make a controlled platform that will help developers from corporate background, who are forced to work from home, and even free lancers to develop, store, manage their ongoing projects amid this lockdown with true ownership, integrity, transparency and security. To achieve this goal, we have used blockchain-based BlockStack technology which eliminates the involvement of any third party and provides transparency. We have used BlockStack Auth and Gaia Storage to give true owner ship to users. Moreover, we have only used the BlockStack eco-system.

Team Quaran-Hack

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