I lived in Colombia throughout my high school years and saw a lot of things I just don't living in the U.S. I feel that as a developer I have unique ability to build solutions, so why not use it to help change many of the injustices and socio-economical problems I saw living in Colombia.

As college student and eventually a college grad, a major obstacle in the job market for me and many in my position is a lack of real world experience. This platform serves developers as a way to gain real world experience that can help them get jobs. Devs can build up their portfolio with meaningful projects they can point to.

I think DevImpact has the potential to benefit both developers and people in Latin America.

What it does

It allows developers and users to create accounts on the site. Where users can then post a problem and/or upvote one that they have in common with another user. Developers can then begin a discussion thread on each problem where they can either begin to connect with the users and help them come up with a solution or do so by coloaborating with other developers who also would like to help. Developers can then have the projects they've built to solve these problems to their profile and have a portfolio of sorts. This helps developers who may lack the professional experience to gain visibility and make an impact in the lives of others.

How I built it

I build it using the MEAN stack. The back-end and fron-end are all written in JavaScript.

Challenges I ran into

I knew virtually nothing about developing with the MEAN stack and ran into many issues associated with learning and simultaneously working with a new development stack. Couldn't deploy on azure correctly because connection to mongoDB on mLab instance didn't work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even though the project is far from finished, I'm proud to have begun it and have setup the problems discussion board, commenting, and user profiles. Not to mention having built a functioning project in a stack I'm not familiar with.

What I learned

I learned to work with MongoDB, EspressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS.

What's next for DevImpact

I want to make an account interface for users/developers, seperating the views for each role. Add GitHub authentication and integrate it with the Dev profiles, so than any project a dev has worked relating to a problem can be linked to repo on their GitHub account. Also have a map that will display markers for each problem, so that visitors can get a visual of what regions in Latin America are using DevImpact and where the most demand for help is.

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