We’ve all been there. Looking for teammates, reaching out to people that you’ve never even met before and asking them to join teams. But this entire process happens once you have registered for a hackathon and are in the discord server. It’s time consuming and ineffective as some people don’t respond, while others can’t respond for hours because of a huge time zone difference. You don’t want to be wasting time desperately dming people on the discord. You time needs to be used to do the actual hacking. This is where Devify comes in.

What it does

It's simple but it solves a major problem. Devify connects hackathon goers with others so that they can form teams before they even sign up for a hackathon. Best of all, it lets you easily pick who you want to work with and gives you their basic information such as: name, age, languages familiar with, experience level, past project links, time zone, and more. It’s basically an all-in-one package to find the perfect hackathon teammate without wasting any time. .

How I built it

Mobile Website

Challenges We ran into

  • Working remotely was a burdensome challenge for us because we could not coordinate as well as if we were working together in person. To keep up to date, we needed to communicate effectively via Discord.
  • Since so many different individuals were working on the project simultaenously, it was a challenge to keep our app look ing cohesive and concise. To mantain a consistent style, we made mocks up of our app utilizing Figma before we began coding. This enabled all of us to be on the same page.
  • Getting our domain to work on all of our computers

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Overcoming the above challenges was our biggest accomplishment.
  • Utilizing the knowledge we gained from the workshops to create our application.
  • Being able to work together and produce something despite our major time zone differences and limited time.
  • Being able to bring all of our unique educational backgrounds to produce a product.
  • Learning that this is a novel idea that others have not created before.

What We learned

  • We learned how to work together with differing skill sets

What's next for Devify

  • Devify is a product that undoubtedly has a niche market that will want this product. But before we launch this project on a global scale, we are refining a few things here and there to make the project as use-friendly as possible.
  • Once the project is refined we would like to pitch the idea to the founder of Devpost.
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