Lenovo Violated the GPL licence by not giving the opensource kernel to the community so I reverse engineered the boot.img and reconstructed the closed vendor kernel source from scratch based on caf kernel

What it does

Device boots and all the hardware functionality is functional + Device boots the latest android till date oreo Stable almost

How I built it

Strong determination + will to try out new errors and there solutions

Challenges we ran into

Numerous cant be told in this wanna know ? come to me

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Stable Tree, Device & kernel source a faceplam moment for Lenovo who cant withstand the GPL

What we learned

Team work and collaboration with a lot of people

What's next for Device Tree

Time for Oreo Developer Preview 2 ;) and hardest the hardware could push in and grab the most users currently i have 18000 running users who use the stuffs built from my tree

Built With

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