In Italy, 14% of families with a child do not have a tablet or PC. Due to the pandemic, the entire country now switched to remote learning, resulting in children being left out or having to follow lectures from a smartphone. Many other families around Europe either don’t have any computer or need to share one device between several children or with a parent who is also working from home.

At the same time, there are thousands of people and organisations who have unused desktop computers, laptops and tablets laying around, and could either lend or donate them so children can continue their studies during the crisis period and continue getting good-quality education in the future.


We want to learn from the experience of the Estonian pilot project “A computer for every student” which, in the past 3 weeks, shipped more than 1,000 computers. In Estonia, the project already managed to help all families in need by just using forms and spreadsheets, however this is not efficient enough on a larger international scale.

Now, we want to bring this project to other countries but we would need to build a software where:

  • Teachers and school principals (on behalf of the students) can show their interest and request devices, and leave their contact details
  • People and organizations can let us know what devices they have available
  • We can verify teachers and school principals
  • Connect the family in need to the closest available device
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